Reflections for Day 3

1) Jin Hao
1. I chose this project as I was interested in how we were going to use the different dyes and the fluoresce microscope.
2. My roles in the group were taking pictures when my teammates could not, preparing the slides with my teammates and helping with or inserting pictures in the report or the presentation.
3.Some of the challenges I faced was not being able to converse with each other casually as we had not met each other before. We tried to converse more and got more used to each other.
4.Through this project, I had discovered how to look for cancer cells in the liver and how the cancer cells would look like. I have also learnt how to use fluoresce microscope.
5.How I benefitted from this program was the information I gained. This information would be useful for me in the future.
6.My aspirations is to continue researching on this interesting topic as it would be very useful in the future.

2) Reuven

1. I chose this project because my passion is in biomedical sciences and I found this project the most appealing to me.
2. My role in the group was mostly editing and correction of terms as there are several scientific terms that were misused or missing, and my group mates often did not understand some concepts and terminology
3.Some of the challenges I faced was that I had to work in a group despite my fondness of doing individual work. They disagreed to some of the changes I made which were logical.
4.Through this project, I discovered that biomedical research was some thing I would like to further pursue as an education.
5.As an individual, how I benefited from this programme is getting the opportunity to come to an university and learn about some thing I would not get to do anytime soon.
6.My aspiration is to have an education in biomedical sciences, starting with getting into the biology-chemistry science combination next year.

3) Jun Hui

  1. I choose this project because I have a passion in biology, and wanted to see how life as a researcher would be like in the future, as I was not sure of what challenges to expect and how things would work out
  2. My role in the team was something like a “leader” designating work to my team members, doing the main presentation and such. I made the slides and were also assisted by Reuven and Jin Hao
  3. Some of the challenges encountered was the fact that both me and Reuven did not know Jin Hao that much at first, but over time we bonded and got to know each other better. The other challenge was the lack of time and sleep, and all of us got over it by managing our time well and sharing our work.
  4. Through this project, I have discovered and experienced a glimpse of university life, even though it is only a small part of it. I may pursue this as a learning opportunity in the future.
  5. As an individual, i have benefited from this programme by gaining new information from my project, and see new sights and experiences, which would certainly help if I were to join researching in the future.
  6. My aspirations is to work harder, possibly getting into a bio-chemistry combination next year, so that maybe in the future I could discover something that is extremely useful to man-kind.